New additions to the family!

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Guess what? Two weeks ago we got three baby rabbits! They are really cute and really fluffy. There names are Cherry, Milley and Maxine. Cherry is grey and white, Milley is also grey and white and Maxine is light brown.


Harry Potter Books

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  Recently I have been reading the series of  ‘Harry Potter’ books which I think are really interesting. I am now up to the fourth book (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), which is quite a big book which I think I will only get through the book if I read a chapter or so a night. The previous three books I have read have been really good, but I think the first book of the series was the best because Harry Potter starts off at his new school for wizards and gets all the things he needs for the start of the new term at school which I found really exciting and fun to read. I have been really enjoying the books and hope to read all seven of them.  

Fluffy The Purple Dog

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  1.gif I was walking around town with my master, Petra, when I smelt something very peculiar in one of the bushes. I went to get a better smell. Whatever it was smelt a bit like  grape  but  before I could investigate, Petra yelled out , “Fluffy come on! I will give you a treat when we get home”. I came and continued on my walk. I really must find out what it is, I said to myself. When we got home I ate the treat that Petra promised me and went into the backyard. I was brainstorming plans of how to escape and go back to the bush to explore when a bluebird landed on the gate and fortnunately unhooked the lach so I could get out. I looked through the window to see if Petra could see me. She was watching T.V so I ran through the gate and went to find the bush that smelt of grape. I remembered that it was near the Milkbar so I found my way to the Milkbar and started to search for the bush. I went up to one bush but it wasn’t the same one. After looking through the 5th bush I finally found it. I went up closer to get a better smell, then I put my foot near the leaves and fell down into some sort of ditch. I crawled out and licked my paw that was hurt and saw I was purple. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My paw was actually purple. I made my way back home but I suddenly saw through the Milkbar glass that my whole body was purple. I started to run home and get to Petra as soon as possible so she can wash it off. I went through the gate to my backyard and started scratching at the door. Petra finally came and had the shock of her life. She ran into the house and got the shampoo, conditioner and a towel and started to wash me. She scrubbed and scrubbed but it wouldn’t come out. “Fluffy what have you done!” Petra cried. She was scrubbing me for now an hour but it still wouldn’t come out. she gave up and took me to the Vet. The Vet didn’t know what the problem was and sent us home. From that day on everyone called me, ‘Fluffy the purple dog’.

                                                                               The End!!!!

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Lockie Leonard Assignment Part 2-

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1)  From the moment the novel begins, the reader immediately feels sorry and has a likeable affection for Lockie Leonard, as he is a teenager who has just moved into a new town and is starting a new high school. Along with being in unfamiliar surroundings, the reader also sees how he copes with his bed-wetting brother and how tolerant he is looking after him. The reader cannot help but think Lockie is a good, likeable character. In the first chapter he is described as, ‘generally polite and knew how to keep himself clean and tidy’. Lockie unfortunately becomes the victim of bullying when he first starts school but he is never the person to start any trouble. When it comes to growing up, he becomes very conscious and Lockie’s antics in dealing with wet dreams depicts him as a humorous and likeable character in the novel. He is also seen in a good light by the courage he displays in following the guidance officer, John East’s advice on starting a surf club. Lockie is always the responsible and sensible one, for example, Lockie did not feel comfortable hitching a lift explaining, ‘My old man wouldn’t approve’, and did not accept a cigarette from Vicki when offered because he knew it would be the wrong thing to do. Right through the novel there is evidence that he respects the morals taught to him by his parents. Lockie could also not tolerate the bad behaviour of the Youth Group members. Lockie deliberately kept out of trouble, even when punched by one of the Bogans, he did not fight back. His most heroic act was displayed at the surf club meeting after Vicki had betrayed Lockie. He stuck up for Vicki at the meeting and he actually was quite honorable and forgiving towards her even after what she had done. It is Lockie’s good character in the novel that eventually gives him the maturity to reject Vicki’s advances which he was not ready for. 

2)  Although Lockie Leonard is generally portrayed as a good natured character, there are several instances when he can be seen as an unlikeable character. There are parts in the novel that he displays bad behaviour or flaws. The fact that Lockie, ‘ hated going to Church’ shows a little of his rebellious nature. In addition, Lockie misbehaved and spoke back to the woodwork teacher fully aware of the consequences. When taken water skiing by Vicki’s parents, Lockie was seen to be ungrateful when he told Vicki straight out about how he feels about her family saying, ‘I hate ’em’. It was, however, when he was absorbed in his thoughts about Vicki that he started ignoring his brother and fighting with his parents. His mood changed and he became a less likeable character. The following paragraph from the novel illustrates his change of character: ‘After a while there were more door-slamming episodes at the Leonard house. Lockie went all prickly and couldn’t take a joke. The more the Sarge and Mum and Phillip tried to laugh him out of it, the snakier he got. To Phillip he started sounding more like the President and the school councilor and the bigknobs than like the old brother he used to have, the one who didn’t take himself so seriously, the one who mucked around and listened to what you had to say. Nowadays he talked like he was used to having people hang on every word, as if now he was a VIP’.           

Lockie Leonard Assignment Part 1 continued-

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3. I chose the below pictures for a collage about myself as they reflected my character and interests very well. They all accurately portrayed the type of person I am. Apart from the pictures that showed what I look like physically, for example, the girl with brown hair and blue eyes, the pictures of the horses and flowers illustrated what things I like. In addition, the picture of the page of writing, for example, illustrates my studious, intelligent personality. The words in my description reiterated my interests and likes. I think I was quite successful in giving the reader a picture of my character. This, however, was just a snapshot of  myself  and  to get an even better idea of my character I would have to include interactions with other characters, enabling me to show my reactions, feelings and responses.  

Lockie Leonard Assignment Part One: Self Portrait

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This is a collage of pictures that describe myself. Below I have a numbered collage and explanations of why I chose those pictures to describe me.

Lockie Leonard Assignment Part One: Self Portrait2

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This is a collage that I made of myself. Below I wrote explainations of why I chose these pictures.

1. This is a picture of a girl that looks a bit like me. She has blue eyes and brown hair just like me.

2. This is a picture with two sisters playing with a dog. I also have a sister and a dog that looks like the dog in the picture called Buddy.

3. I have a budgie that looks similar to the one in the picture. His name is Harry. He has a yellow head and a blue body. He is a really nice Budgie. 

4. I really like the picture of these  purple flowers because purple is one of my favourite colours and I like the smell of flowers.

5. A dedicated and  hard worker. This is a picture of a lady working hard. I think this relates to me as I am a hard worker and very studious.

6. This is a picture of a piece of paper. I think that it relates to me since I like reading and writing.

7. Music. Music and instruments are an important part of my life. This is a picture of a flute. I play the flute in the school band and have been playing it now for 3 years.

8. This is a picture of a saxophone. I also play the saxophone and get lessons. I have only had a few lessons so far but I really like the instrument.

9. This is a picture of a butterfly. I really like butterflies and it is also the name of my blog.

10. I chose this picture because I like to horse ride. I’ve been horse riding about 15 times now and I always really enjoy it. 

11. This is a picture of a horse. Horses are my favourite animal. They are really beautiful and fun to ride.

Book Review: Lockie Leonard-Human Torpedo By Tim Winton

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   Lockie Leonard- Human Torpedo is a delightfully frank novel exploring the experiences of a teenage boy growing up, written by famous Australian contemporary writer, Tim Winton. Lockie Leonard is 12 and three quarters, loves surfing and has just started at a new school. Being new to the school he gets bullied but soon falls in love, not just with any girl but she just happens to be, ‘the smartest,  prettiest, richest girl in class’, called Vicki Streeton.  Lockie’s run ins with his teachers result in a visit to the guidance officer at school, and he encourages Lockie to start a surf club and Lockie takes on his advice. Lockie is head over heels in love and his relationship with Vicki grows. However, as Lockie begins to grow both physically and emotionally, he discovers that Vicki’s ideas about life differ from his. Finally, when Vicki betrays Lockie this leaves the path open for Lockie to take note of his age and enjoy life as a typical teenager. The novel, a romance genre, is in parts quite humorous and the overall tone is very much down-to earth.      

  Set in the small coastal township of Angelus, the plot revolves mainly around Lockie’s family and his love interest Vicki. The characters are very typical and realistic. Lockie is naturally the main character. Other characters are Vicki, Lockie’s mother Mrs Leonard, ‘Sarge’ (Lockie’s policeman father), Phillip (Lockie’s  younger brother )and Lockie’s baby sister nicknamed ‘Blob’ as well as Vicki’s parents. Although primarily of interest to adolescents of similar age to Lockie, this novel would appeal to anyone who has ever been a teenager. This is author Tim Winton’s eighth novel and it has won an ALA Best Book for Young Adults award. Tim Winton’s other books include, ‘Shallows’, ‘Cloudstreet’ and ‘Dirt Music’ which have won the famous Miles Franklin Award. The novel, Lockie Leonard- Human Torpedo, is, in fact, very much a reflection of the author’s own life, being almost autobiographical.         

  The language and tone is very easy to read and the reader can identify and relate to the main character’s feelings and emotions as he experiences the reality of growing up.         

  This novel is definitely not a boring book. It has short chapters and is a good, interesting read right to the end. For those that want to continue the intriguing read, this novel is the first in a series of Lockie Leonard novels. The only improvement that could have been made to make it more interesting would be the addition of other dramatic life changing situations but overall an unstoppable, entertaining read.

 I rate this novel   7/10       

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